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6 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Hi John

    Love your site and the way you express Jesus Christ.


    hope you don’t mind but i have put you one my blogroll

  2. Thanks Charl,

    Great to be on your blogroll, will keep on eye on your blog as well.

  3. After commenting on your Newbigin post, I saw your Facebook widget with your son. I thought you might be interested in, an online service for parents of young children that I co-founded. (There’s a quick 2 minute tour here:

    It is, in many ways, inspired by Lesslie Newbigin, whose Foolishness to the Greeks I read and re-read during our development process. There are still many dimensions that we are seeking to work out (and would welcome your input!).

    Thanks again for the Newbigin tribute!

  4. Thank you very much for a beautiful website. I put together a bunch of pictures on my Facebook page and put the full url to your site on two of the pictures.

  5. Hi John

    Good to meet you the other day with Arthur and all… I identify with your passions! God is with you! Gordon.

  6. Hi Gordon,

    It was great to meet with you as well. Not sure if you realised but this is my old blog – my new blog is


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