Resolutions of character for 2011

I spent the morning at Kirstenbosch Gardens reflecting, praying and asking God to reveal the areas of character where I need to grow and be intentional about this year.

The 3 areas that He seemed to be putting his finger on were PRIDE, NEED TO PROVE MYSELF & FEAR.

Or a lack of their gospel opposites HUMILITY, SECURE/JUSTIFIED & PEACE.

These are the 3 character resolutions that I will be asking the Spirit to work in me, guide me in and in which I will  intentionally engage in disciplined faith to facilitate growth in this year.

  • I am JUSTIFIED in the gospel.  (I have nothing to prove)
  • I am HUMBLED by the gospel.  (I come empty-handed)
  • I live out of the PEACE of the gospel (The Father is sovereign, Christ died for me, the Spirit is in me)

Notice that I have attempted to apply the gospel to all of these areas of growth.  The constant weakness of much character development is that it is me-centred.  We must fight – especially given the first of my three resolutions – to keep character development gospel-centred.


~ by John on January 4, 2011.

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