You Can Change 5: New Identity

“We’re accepted by God so that we can change. God gives us a new identity and this new identity is the motive and the basis for our change.” p34

Our New Identity:

I love the trinitarian way Tim spells out our new identity.

1. You are a child of the Father:

We used to be slaves to sin but God sent Jesus to buy us freedom. Freedom does not mean license to sin – that’s not freedom that’s doing back to slavery.

“don’t live like a slave when you can live like a child of the King of heaven.” p37

2. You are a bride of the Son:

The Bible often describes sin as adultery because it is a betrayal not of the law but of our true and best love.

“The love of an adulterous lover is no love at all. Sin doesn’t love us. It tries to use us, abuse us, enslave us, control us and ultimately destroy us. Sin takes from us and give us nothing in return. It may use enticing and seductive lies. It may promise the world. But it is all lies. Sin never brings true and lasting satisfaction. Why would you leave a husband as good, loving, gracious, strong, able and beautiful as Jesus for some cheap alternative?” p38-9

3. You are the home of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:18-20):

The Holy Spirit has cleansed and washed you, given you a new start and a new life. He has come to make his home in and among us – why would you want to mess that up by bringing your dirty habits or returning to your filthy sins.

Freedom & Love:

Motive for change: “to enjoy the freedom from sin and delight in God that God gives to us through Jesus.” p41

1) Growing in holiness is not sad, dutiful drudgery. It’s about discovering true joy. Whenever we act out of duty – we do this believing that duty leads to joy and that denying ourselves leads to gaining our life.

2) Change is about living in freedom. “We refuse to go back to the chains and filth of our sin. We live in the wonderful freedom that God has given us. We’re free to be the people we should be.” p41

3) Change is about discovering the delight of knowing and serving God. We give up the cheap imitations and enjoy the real thing.

4) Becoming like Jesus is something that God gives to us. It’s not an achievement that we offer to him.

It is as if there are two feasts, we are invited to both, and we must constantly choose which feast we will attend. God promises us a feast which will satisfy. Sin promises much but doesn’t deliver and the price is  high – broken lives, relationships and hopes.


~ by John on December 22, 2010.

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