Men: “At least they are home!”

Last Saturday while driving in the car I was listening to a local Christian radio station (not sure why actually) as the presenter, killing space no doubt, began describing how the ladies are no doubt in the kitchen preparing for church and Sunday lunch.  And the men he said probably have their feet up, watching TV, relaxing…

Probably realizing how insulting to both men and women this sounded – he quickly added “well at least they are home!”

I nearly drove my car off the road!

Is that the best we can hope for Christian men.  At least they at home – not boozing it up with the boys or chasing women in the local pub?

Don’t get me wrong I like my couch, I like my home and I have been known to both enjoy my couch and my home on many occasions.

But surely it is nothing (per se) to be excited about just because a man is home on a Saturday night.  I could think of a thousand good reasons why he should not be at home! At least he is not out missionally engaging his community? Drinking beer with a friend at a local pub? Caring for the poor? Praying with another man? Intentionally discipling a younger man? Watching rugby with a neighbour? Supporting a local theatre production? Helping out at a local orphanage? Walking the streets with a homeless friend?

It cannot be a goal simply to have men at home on a Saturday.  We need men who will love and serve their families and who will burn with Kingdom ambition and dream big Kingdom dreams.  Some men spend too much time at home on the couch.

For some men we need to say – praise God he is not at home again!

~ by John on October 19, 2010.

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