Reading Psalm 23 on Long Street

Instead of a typical promotional video, the incredible Wim Steytler put this together for us to  give people  a taste of VOX City Church.

The street on which it is shot is one of the busiest and most “notorious” (the party street!) in Cape Town.  For the first 6 months we met in a theatre on Long Street and now we meet just off of Long Street.

Two things I love about this approach:

1) Instead of self-promotion we attempt to engage the city and the creatives by simply making a good video.

2) I think the ethnic and cultural diversity represented in this clip is a taste of me of my dreams for VOX

Also check out Jonathan Dodson who has some excellent thoughts on “How the Gospel Renews Cities” and “Knowing Your City”

And Stephen Murray has some ideas on Blessing the City

Some thoughts on Culture-Making by Andy Crouch

~ by John on October 3, 2010.

One Response to “Reading Psalm 23 on Long Street”

  1. That’s a pretty cool take on Psalm 23 – very well made!

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