Missional Communities Reloaded

One of the key ideas to come out of the Reformation regarding the church is the idea of semper reformanda (“always reforming”).  This is as true for a 10 month old church plant as it is for a 200 year old “traditional” church.

From the beginning we have said that the heartbeat of VOX is our Missional Communities (MC’s).  However through a series of events we have realised that whilst we may have changed the name – our practice, and the expectations of most people, in many ways are still that of a small group model.  And because we are not trying to be small groups , we have actually been bad small groups.

This has called for a rethink and the result has been to call all our missional communities together on a Wednesday evening for 6 weeks to teach, re-envision and reform into healthier missional communities.   As a church and even as a leadership that talk a good talk we have realised how easy it is to default back into a meeting mentality.

2 changes we have already made:

1. Some of our MC’s are healthier in terms of key people than others so we have decided to ask people to be prepared to move around in order to create 3 healthy, strong MCs.

2. We have scrapped any centralized structure for our MCs.  Previously we had Wednesday as MC night, altough we were quick to add that because MC is an identity not a programme our life together is not limited to Wednesday.

But we realised that with the presence of a centralized programme – it became easier for all of us to default to the programme when we thought of MC rather than the people together on mission.

Going forward we have given the power to each MC to decide how they wish their weekly rhythms ought to look.  We have values that we want to see each MC embody but how each MC does that is up to them, their context and the people God has put in that MC.

Also: Jonathan Dodson: 8 Ways to Easily be Missional & What A Missional Community Isn’t

And my thoughts: “3 Mindset Shifts Towards Becoming a Missional Community” & “Biblical Community is choice not affinity”

~ by John on September 30, 2010.

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