Lent at VOX City Church 3

We desire to be a church that is grounded in historical Christianity. This means we seek to understand how to live our faith out in a modern world by understanding and engaging the practices of the church in scripture and over history. Through doing this, we ensure that even as some cultural forms (i.e. music, art, space, and structure) change, the content and message of the Gospel does not.

VOX will enter the season of Lent as a church community. Our hope is that as we engage this season of focused repentance and renewal we will grow in our appreciation and understanding of Jesus and what he did at the cross, both individually and corporately. We will celebrate Lent by entering the season together at an Ash Wednesday service, engaging in spiritual disciplines of prayer and meditation on scripture both individually and communally, and finally by corporately gathering for worship on Good Friday and Easter.

Engaging Lent

We encourage you to not only join us corporately at VOX’s Ash Wednesday and Good Friday services, but to consider some additional ways that you and your family can engage Lent. Here are several ideas to get you started.

1) The 40 days of lent is associated with Christ’s suffering. Consider doing some form of “fasting” for the 40 days, as a way to enter into and reflect on Christ suffering or you. Try giving up something that is a part of your daily/weekly rhythm and replacing it with something that will help you focus on Jesus. For instance, the traditional fast is to go with out food and spend time in prayer or you could give up TV and instead read a book about the cross. Do devotions as a couple or have a special prayer meeting as a missional community. The point is be creative and do something that will help you engage and in repentance and renewal.

2) Meditate on scriptures pertaining to Jesus suffering. A couple suggestions would be Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22.

3) Read John Piper’s “50 Reasons Jesus Came to Die”.

Remember it’s not about ritual and you don’t have to do this to be a good Christian. We are saved by grace alone, but this grace is not cheap. We are saved by the precious blood of the lamb (1 Peter 1:19), and so we engage Lent as a community hoping that Christ’s costly grace may become precious to us.

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~ by John on February 14, 2010.

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  1. Glad to hear of your observance of Lent and that you’re taping into the monastic tradition to some extent. Our community, the Anglican Order of Preachers, is a fresh expression of church in it’s own right. Our website is: http://anglicandominican.com/

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