Human Trafficking in South Africa

The good news is that a Helpline has been launched to combat 2010 trafficking.

3 shocking pieces of news on this issue:

1. There are an estimated 50 000 child prostitutes in South Africa – most of these presumably the result of human trafficking.

2. Of the approximately 2 million people worldwide who are trafficked each year 450 00o of these are in Africa.

3. There is still no legislation to fight human trafficking in South Africa.

How can I have been sitting in  Reformed churches who claim to love their neighbour and NEVER ONCE have even heard this spoken of?

What can we, the church do to love our neighbours, the vulnerable and the oppressed in this situation?  Surely as we serve a God of mercy and justice and whose Kingdom is one of compassion, justice and reconciliation we ignore this as not being a spiritual problem.  Our hearts must be broken, contrite and moved to loving action.

But what?  What can we do?

Does anyone know of any organisations, individuals or groups who are doing good work in this area?


~ by John on February 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Human Trafficking in South Africa”

  1. John as the mother of an amazing looking daughter i fear for her ,but God has a plan for her to grow her spiritually and bring her close to HIm.Saying that, I also watch over her everyday never let her go anywhere alone .We do not live in fear, but rather with all reasonable precaution this is South Africa and if you live here you take precautions and pray .The children most at risk are the uncared for and unloved as they are tempted by the offers they receive of the traffickers ………

  2. This post is not so much a concern about my own children and those that I know are loved. I am confident all parents will take every precaution to prevent this happening to their children.

    But as Christians who are called to love and bless the city in which we find ourselves our concern cannot just be for our children and those of people we love and know.

    I agree with you that those who are most at risk are those who are vulnerable – orphans, missing fathers, kids in poor communities where there is simply no money or the single mom is out working long hours just to put food on the table.

    My question is that how if we are loving the city and our neighbour can we never have thought about these issues or been overwhelmed and heartbroken over these shocking stats. Where is the church in caring for “the orphans and widows” or more broadly the vulnerable and the at risk…

    If we are to love our city these stats have to drive us to prayer, and ask God to show us how to move and help… and then to action, and back to prayer etc

  3. Hi there, finding my way around your blog 🙂
    This might be old now.. but my sister and I are looking into an organisation called “Not for Sale” who have apparently just started in South Africa, but have been going for a while in the States. I just read the book of the same title and am also keen to know what is being done in South Africa.. by the government and also just by those who care.

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