Favourite Blogs 2009

The blogs I read the most, enjoyed the most, thought about the most, debated with the most (even if only in my head) were (in no particular order)

Tim Chester – Tim has a real gift for bringing together leading missional thinking with deep, meaty reformed theology.  Tim’s theology is conservative and traditional in all the good senses of those words but yet when he works it out it is refreshing, challenging and even yes radical (is that too drastic for an Englishman)!  If evangelicalism had more thinkers and practitioners like Tim it would probably be a lot healthier movement right now.

Andrew Jones (aka Tall Skinny Kiwi) – probably one of the original Christian bloggers.  Firstly this must be one of my favourite blogs to read – irrespective of the content.  Now this is not to say that TSK has bad content, it is just so darn enjoyable to read.  As for the content, Andrew is a true missional thinkers and practitioner.  His blog is always challenging, always spurring on my thinking.  And full of stories about people doing things, trying things and getting out and on mission with God.

Jonathan Dodson (aka Church Planting Novice).  Jonathan has over the past few years proven himself to be one of the most challenging and insightful bloggers in the Acts 29 network.  In fact I have often used Jonathan’s writings as a resource for my own material and to point others to for some great ideas on intentional missional living as a community.

Tom Smith – Tom has become my favourite South African blogger this past year.  A lot of that probably has to do with the fact that we are wrestling with similar issues around racial reconciliation, economic inequality, poverty and wealth etc.  Tom’s blog has become a great resource for me in thinking through these issues, serious attempts at contextualization, reading stories of forging a true gospel-at-work church in SA and being challenged by a community taking seriously these issues.

Two other bloggers I have always enjoyed when they have posted but who post too infrequently to be included with the above luminaries.  But who are well worth reading whenever they write:

Micheal Foster – about church planting and nurturing them to maturity.

Jeff Vanderstelt – a church planter and equipper of church planters with Soma Communities.

~ by John on January 12, 2010.

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