Lots of Hiking

This past year has been one of inactivity.  I have gained weight, gotten more unfit and have not honoured God with my body.  Nor have I been faithful to my family in remaining healthy for them.

Now there are plenty of excuses, justifications or other explanations but the bottom line is that it is my God-given responsibility to  look after the body he has given me and calls me to serve him with.

To remedy this situation I have decided that my career as a nippy, in the right place, irritating striker is… over!  FIFA World Cup 2010 will be a sadder place no doubt 🙂

So in 2010 I turn to my other love, hiking, for inspiration…

One of my favourite resources for interesting hikes/walks around Cape Town is Mike Lundy’s “Best Walks in the Cape Peninsula”.

The plan for 2010 is to complete all 30 walks (ok I know that is not that impressive but it will be a massive improvement on 2009!) during the calendar year 2010.  Most of them I have done before but there will be a few new ones for me also.

The nice thing about the walks in this book is that they are a nice mix of difficulty ratings.  So some I will do with the family, some on my own (good for reflection and prayer), some with friends, some with new friends….  The idea is to take something I love (and need!) and make it not only a time of exercise but of reflection, prayer, family time, relationship building, mission and community.

If you are in the Cape Town area and you enjoy hiking drop me a line and I would love to have you join me one of my many walks this year.

Tomorrow I plan to tackle Hike 1…


~ by John on January 8, 2010.

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