Coffee Break

This is my irregular posting of my “surfing” around the net. So grab a coffee, take a break and see what interests you.

How the Internet is Changing our World

And some awful truths about book publishing (HT: Challies)

Tim Keller’s advice for young pastors? – This will surprise you!  But while we are here – have you seen this NY Times articles with Keller entitled: Tim Keller wants to save your yuppie soul!

Acts 29 have put up all the audio from their Louisville Boot Camp: Ambition, including Matt Chandler, Steve Timmis, Darrin Patrick.

Tim Chester has a really helpful series on Partnership in Mission:

Part1:Partnership instead of Dependence

Part 2: Partnership instead of Independence

Part 3:  Putting the Local Church at the Heart of Mission

South Africa: The Good News has their best of 2009 news stories.  In a country where it seems that Christians and non-Christians alike love to moan about the government and the state of the country, 2009 was surprisingly good.

Speaking of South Africa:  28 Home Affairs officials have been suspended for fraud.  It really does appear Nkosazana Dlamini-Zumu is doing a great job in turning around a badly underperforming dept in SA.

More good news is that despite the perceptions that crime has increased in SA, the murder rate is actually down 30% since 1994

Finally, the much awaited Cricket test series between SA and England begins tomorrow… I am so ready for Test Cricket nothing in the entire sporting world compares.

And here is my first stab at the Pommies: Q: Where do English cricket players stay when on tour in South Africa?  A With their parents!

~ by John on December 15, 2009.

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