The History of the Missional Church

Brad Brisco has a helpful history of the missional church (with a very North American flavour though) with some helpful markers of significant or helpful books as he goes along:

History of Missional Church – Part I – The Influence of Lesslie Newbigin

The shift to missional thinking in the words of David Bosch:

“Mission was understood as being derived from the very nature of God. It was thus put in the context of the doctrine on the missio Dei as God the Father sending the Son, and God the Father and the Son sending the Spirit was expanded to include yet another “movement”: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit sending the church into the world. As far as missionary thinking was concerned, this linking with the doctrine of the Trinity constituted an important innovation. Willingen’s image of mission was mission as participating in the sending of God.”

History of Missional Church – Part II – A brief review of some of the major works of Lesslie Newbigin

“In Foolishness to the Greeks, Newbigin provides an excellent analysis of the central features of Western culture. He asks the question, What would be involved in a genuinely missionary encounter between the gospel and Western culture; especially a culture that has fragmented life into the artificial distinctions between facts and values, public and private lives, and particulars and absolutes. Newbigin places Christian truth claims in constant dialogue with modern issues. He interacts with the tensions between the truth of Scripture and science, politics, and the institutional church. In each case he asks, What must the church claim to know, do, and be in a post-Christian culture?”

History of Missional Church – Part III – The 12 indicators of a missional church by the Gospel and Our Culture Network.  Includes George Hunsberger, Craig van Gelder, Darrel L. Guder

History of Missional Church – Part IV – Discusses Alan Hirsch, Micheal Frost, Craig van Gelder, Reggie McNeal, Alan Roxburgh, Ed Stetzer among others.

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