Partner with us in 2010?

If you are particularly keen-eyed you may have noticed a new page has appeared in my side bar, entitled “Partner with Us”.

One of the reasons for this is that 2010 is set to bring my family a brand new set of adventures.  As with all adventures they bring both excitement, and fear – normally in the same event.  So what are we doing?

Starting January 2010, we will be joining with VOX City Church as a part of their leadership team.  2010 will see VOX plant a new expression of church within central Cape Town.


” We seek to be a church that proclaims the Gospel, experiences the transforming power of the Gospel demonstrates the Gospel in our city through practical expressions of mercy, justice, compassion, and restoration.”

We will continue in our present ministry with the Student YMCA, although there will be some changes (most notably being a move to being part-time on campus as opposed to full-time).

But significantly, we will be embracing a bigger vision for the city. Within that vision the strategic nature of the CPUT campus is unquestionable.

Our role at VOX will be 3-fold:

1. As a part of the leadership team we will have appropriate leadership responsibilities for the church plant.

2. In April we will, God willing, move into the area of Woodstock with the aim to establish a missional community there.

3. We will continue at the Student YMCA, 2-3 days a week as “missionaries” sent by VOX CITY CHURCH to work on the campus.  This is completely in line with the vision of VOX to be a church in the city and for the city.

Partnering with us:

Our income is derived solely from the generosity of those who connect with our vision for Cape Town, student ministry and church planting, rather than any fixed income:

We are facing a number of financial challenges in 2010:

a) We will be losing a number of our current financial partners.

b) Our move to the city centre will significantly increase our living expenses.

c) Our dream is to buy a house in the Woodstock area in order that we can create a home built around hospitality (eating together), community (sharing life together) and mission (praying together, sharing together, studying the Bible together).  This will require a significant financial commitment that at present is beyond us.

There are a number of ways in which you may consider giving:

a) Regular monthly giving of a pledged amount.

b) A once off gift to see us through this transition period.

c) A number of irregular gifts throughout the year which make up a yearly pledged amount.

d) If you cannot commit to regular giving perhaps you would like to consider giving “over and above” gifts when you are able to.

You can download our complete Support 2010 Document here.

And check out the VOX City Church website.

~ by John on November 10, 2009.

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