Painting a Picture

Recently Jo and I have been reminded through a number of very different experiences that people seem to find our home a safe place in which to question, to doubt, to be broken, to celebrate and to be themselves.  People naturally seem to sense that it is ok to kick off their shoes in our home.  Everyone seems to do it and I can’t actually remember anyone asking.

The great thing is that this is how we have always dreamed of our home being.  And which we hope it will become more and more – with intentionality.

If we had to paint a picture for you of our dream home – it would probably look something like this:

A large house filled with people of different races, cultures, nationalities, ages,

eating together, laughing together, sharing life together, carrying each others burdens together….

a place of creativity, singing, painting, joy, expression, movie nights and card games

a place of good food, large fires, lazy glasses of wine and early morning coffee brewing

a place where lost, lonely, hurting people can feel at home

a place where people can experience the love of Christ embodied in the Christian community

a place where people can talk late into the light

or gather early for prayer and breakfast

a place where we can meet each other around His word,

a place to wrestle and meditate on meaty theology

a place where questions, doubts and skeptics are welcome

the house where the neighbourhood children gather

a place where church is not so much what we do but who we are

a community whose life is defined not by what we have but by who we are

where people matter more than programmes

and mission more than materialism.

May God make it so!


~ by John on November 9, 2009.

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