In Our Backyard


I have had the pleasure of hearing Micheal Tinker play on two occasions. Once with the Delorians of Sound and once without.  Once “in his backyard” – Sheffield and once in mine – Cape Town.  Once with a Cliff Richard song and once with some poorly spoken Afrikaans.

The point being if you are love heavy metal – get some taste ( 8) ) – and don’t buy this album… Doc Brown & the Delorians of Sound are an easy listening yet funky blend of folk, jazz, soul, blues.  Musically I cannot speak the lingo but take if from a simple man – I know what I like.  And this I like – easy listening, good tunes, intelligent lyrics.  But don’t take my word for it – go have a listen yourself:

You can hear some samples from the album here

Or even download a FREE bonus track!

Or you could BUY THE WHOLE ALBUM here – only 10 pounds and 1 pound for P&P.  And Micheal has kindly said that he won’t even charge extra for overseas orders.

A special word from Micheal for “all the religious geeks that read my blog” 🙂

“It’s probably worth saying that we’re not a ‘Christian band’ – 3 of the band are Christian, 3 are not. However, because I write most of the lyrics, they’re inevitably shaped by what I believe. For instance the song ‘My Dear’ I wrote few years ago when, one evening, it was very obvious what a rubbish husband I am! So I sat down and wrote a song about it. And the song finishes pointing my wife to the husband. Also ‘When Everything will be made new (Part I and II)’ is about seeing suffering, struggling with suffering, but it pointing me to the day when everything will be made new…”



~ by John on October 3, 2009.

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