Help us get creative?

There are some exciting things happening for us in 2010 (more about that later at an appropriate point).

But exciting, new and challenging are not usually words that go together with other important words like money, rent, bills and family…  However, both Jo and I are convinced that God calls us to make our decisions based firstly on where he is calling us to serve others and live and teach the reality of his Kingdom.  And once we have some clarity on that – then we are to ask the question, “How can we make this work?” (financially speaking)

Bearing that in mind, I was interested to see this post by Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi) a few weeks ago

Creative people needed to figure out fundraising through social media

“Anyway, this week we are putting our heads together on how to raise funds, how to be more economically creative in our lifestyle and ministry, and how to become more sustainable in the long term through social enterprise and micro-business.

But the immediate need is for some creative people to help me figure out how to involve more people in our mission projects and raise some immediate cash. And so, if you have some good ideas for doing this, please let me know. Any advice?”

You can also check out this follow up post Urgent Appeal: 5 Ways to Help the Jones Family

And so that got me thinking – what if I asked a similar question…

Money seems to be tight these days.

Giving to missions is down.

How can we encourage people to help us raise cash for missional ventures in Cape Town?

And how can we create and generate money to sustain missional entrepreneurs who are exploring new ways of being church in our city?

I am more convinced that the more missional entrepreneurs that are “self-sustainable” the better.  Not for any misguided ideal about the importance of being self-sustainable or not being a burden on others. In fact I think inter-dependant churches, families and individuals is a far more biblical outlook.  But sometimes being interdependent requires more of us than simply financial.  In fact sometimes being communally orientated in our mission it will be better for some who could be financially supported to be financially self-sustaining.

My question though is how can we get creative in achieving this?

What are realistic ways that we can generate income for ministry in Cape Town?

Can we use social media in order to generate income for ministry?

For example the vast reach and immediate connectivity of social media can result in a great collective effort that would be impossible through even the most well-meaning individuals.  For example I realised the other day that if each of my 289 Facebook “friends” – all people who would claim at least some connection with me were to give us R100 a month (less than $10 or  a month, we would have an amount of R28 900 – over double our current income.

Interesting thought at least…

So get your creative juices flowing, get your thinking caps on – what creative ways could we use to create self-sustainable missional entrepreneurs?


~ by John on September 30, 2009.

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