Describing a gospel community

The other day I was talking about gospel communities with someone and I managed to come up with this little description that I thought was quite helpful… even if it is incomplete

A community

IN the community,

FOR the community

pointing to a hope that is BEYOND the community.


~ by John on September 1, 2009.

9 Responses to “Describing a gospel community”

  1. I like it John.
    Here’s another (if you will allow me to ramble like your other blogging friend):

    A community created by the Gospel Word, which seeks to display the fruit of the Gospel in word and deed together. I.e – the Church.

    Or as Lessley Newbigin said (yes, him again) … The Church is the foretaste, sign and instrument of the Kingdom. A taste of the truth of the Gospel which speaks of a future hope, a sign pointing beyond itself to Christ and His coming Kingdom, and an instrument of grace to a broken world.

    So, a Gospel Community is not a meeting, although they will meet; not a Bible study, although they do study the Bible … and pray … and disciple one another … and care for one another … It is a community doing life together under the rule of the Gospel.

  2. That is cheating Colin, you pull the LESSLIE NEWBIGIN (please spell correctly 8) ) card on me, even after I said it was an incomplete definition…

    And your addition sounds very much like what Tim posted a little while ago, that I included on this very blog. Can you spell plagerrisim…

  3. Ok so I am not always original and I was in a hurry and am feeling terrible for spelling my mentor’s name incorrectly! 😦

    So if I get my ideas from the Bible is that also plagiarism (i think that’s how you spell it)?

    Sorry Lesslie

  4. 1) If you say 20 hail Lesslie’s you should be alright.

    2) Your translation of the Bible sounds a whole lot like it was written by Tim 🙂

  5. I like that. I doubt there will ever be a complete definition, though there will be some that resonate with us—too vast. Maybe Christ’s community . . . and continue on? I also appreciate how Colin concludes his first comment. So true.

  6. Thanks Claire … where are you from?

  7. Hey Colin – what’s wrong with a bit of rambling?!

  8. Nothing if it is by name only … and they are short interesting rambles 🙂

    Isn’t it great that John has given us the forum to ramble with one another? We could make this space a regular …

  9. what about actually writing that guest blog post that I have asked you about? choose your topic? either of you? both of you?

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