The Crowded House Reflections 5: Eating

If you spend anytime with TCH you will quickly notice how often there is food involved.  Almost anything we did involved eating together.  And by this I do not mean snacks on a table after a meeting but a genuine time of sitting down, talking, laughing, eating, connecting, and of course doing the dishes together.

This may not seem significant but it did reinforce for me how integral a shared meal is to the life of a functioning family – and that is after all the most used description of the church in the NT.  And a family meal is always an inclusive meal.  There should always be room for one more at a family meal table…

Is it a co-incidence that Jesus uses the metaphor of a banquet to describe the nature of his kingdom on more than one occasion and of course in Revelation, the consummated kingdom is called the wedding feast of the Lamb.  If we truly are citizens of that kingdom is it incidental that our lives together now should be reflect that kingdom now?


~ by John on August 18, 2009.

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