What exactly does a gospel community do?

Many people have been asking what I experienced while in Sheffield. But most of the questions have been about the meetings and what The Crowded House do, how they work or how they are different from any other church.

In a sense, as you ask that question you have missed the point of TCH is about.

And here Tim Chester helps me out yet again, with another timely post.

“I was asked a question recently about what happens when our gospel communities meet together. Here’s my reply …

The first thing to say is that a gospel community is not a meeting. It is a group of people who are committed to Jesus and committed to one another, sharing their lives together and sharing mission together. It is about people hanging out together, doing chores together, eating together, serving in the neighbourhood – all with gospel intentionality. That intentionality includes both a commitment to discipling one another with the gospel and sharing the gospel with unbelievers – all in the context of ordinary life and shared life. It’s not a meeting your attend. It’s not a thing you do. It’s who you are are. It’s your identity. It’s your place of belonging.

So the way you run a meeting becomes secondary because your meeting will be the outflow of your shared life. You will pray together, but then you pray together in your ordinary, shared life. You will talk about Jesus, but then you talk about Jesus in your ordinary, shared life. You will eat together, but then you eat together in your ordinary, shared life. You will look at the Bible, but then you look at the Bible in your ordinary, shared life. So an unbeliever attending will not experience anything very much different from what they have already experienced of the gospel community.

What Tim has described is exactly what I experienced. Church as a network of relationships. A community on mission together in the ordinary rubric of life.


~ by John on August 10, 2009.

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