Synopsis of my last few days at The Crowded House

I have been home for over a week already… so this post is completely irrelevant in one sense but I have this strange need to complete what I started so here is  my 83 word synopsis of my last 3 days at TCH.

Thur – Training – Tim – Andy – coffee – Dinner – DuBois – dodgy rugby match – Sheffield won – prayer – Fri – more training – pack bags – rude shipyard – Tim and Micheal – East Side Project – plan for TCH move east in Sheffield – evening – pub – finally – great ales – walked home – reflecting time – Sat – bus for London – no Darrel in London – Westminster and Thames instead – Heathrow – ran for plane – no sleep – Jo’burg – breakfast with sister, family – flew home with my mom – long slow plane – finally home – saw my family – sleep!

Thanks everyone.

~ by John on August 4, 2009.

One Response to “Synopsis of my last few days at The Crowded House”

  1. gr8 having u bro. make it happen Lord

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