The Crowded House – Day 13

This mornings training, again led by Tim was about life-change.  How do we see people’s lives changing to become more like Christ. Here is a bit of a synopsis from the notes I took:

Sin is choosing to trust other interpretations of the world other than God’s world.  When we substitute a desire for a good thing for a desire for God.  If you want to know if it is happening, do not engage in introspection rather ask yourself, what is the fruit of this in my life?

The problem lies not because our confessional belief is wrong but because their is a gap between our confessional and our functional belief.  Change happens when we narrow this gap.

All sin is at the root believing a lie about God and his world, the solution is choosing to trust God’s interpretation (faith) and a turning back to God (repentance).  All sin is a failure to functionally believe one of four truths:

  1. God is great – therefore we don’t have to be in control
  2. God is glorious – therefore we don’t have to fear others
  3. God is good – therefore we do not have to look elsewhere for the good life
  4. God is gracious – therefore we do not have to prove ourselves.

This is not a glib, easy believerism rather it is a daily act of putting to death, a daily fight for faith, a daily fight to believe the truth about God.

The difference between legalism and the gospel:

Legalism says you should not do this.

The gospel says you need not do this.

Growth always takes place in a community as this is the best place to expose our own hearts, and to have others speak the truth in love to us.

After a time of prayer, I decided that I had to do something I hate doing – shopping.  I realised it was almost time to go home and I had managed to delay buying some gifts for my family thus far… Before it got too late, now was the time.

Bachman, agreed to come with me and help me find some presents.  As it turned out, we had a great time together but he was the worst person to help me as he has neither a wife nor a child and he does not know either Jo or Nathan.  But at least he was slightly less aimless than I was.  My theory on shopping is to walk aimlessly around, hoping that something, somewhere will suddenly present itself to you.  It has never worked before and it did not work again…  Although we met Andy on the way to town and he sent us in the right direction to get a present for Jo.

We did manage to have a fish and chip lunch, and see some of the sights of Sheffield – the Winter Gardens, the Peace Gardens and a gallery with some local artists.

That evening I went to the Netheredge Gospel Community again.  I really enjoyed the evening together, as we spoke a bit about understanding and relating to the culture found in our neighbourhoods.

And they managed to give me some ideas for a present for Nathan… so the ordeal of shopping was conquered!


~ by John on July 28, 2009.

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