The Crowded House – Day 12

(I am home already but as I had scribbled out most of the notes for the last 5 days of my trip already – I thought I would post them anyway)

The 2nd morning of training was led by Tim on the issue of joy.  We spent most of the morning looking at Philippians and trying to answer the question – what is your motivation for gospel ministry?  Most often we are involved in ministry for the wrong motives – most of them about proving ourselves to God, others or ourselves.  As a result most of us are busy as a symptom of self-justification.  “Many of us have grasped justification on the last day but not the next day.”

TCH aspire to be communities of joy and grace motivated by joy and grace.  How is it possible to cultivate that kind of community?  Tim’s answer:

1. Teach it

2. Sing it – when we live alongside one another and sing together we know how these truths meet their needs.

3. Making links for people between justification by faith and joy.  How this great truth connects to ordinary life.

Spent some time in prayer, had some lunch and a good discussion with Tim about being church and about my hopes for church in Cape Town.  After that I phoned my beautiful wife and my thoughts began to turn more towards getting home… Things change when you are a dad.

That afternoon Tim and I went down the road to help Guy break down his new house.  Some things just have to be destroyed in order to be fixed.  Despite being overqualified for Destroy It Yourself type work, I spent most of the afternoon lugging the debris outside… As Tim said, welcome to gospel ministry.  Community is such a nice theoretical concept until you are faced with manual labour.

That evening was Kommunity time for the Kurdish team.  Nothing fancy just an evening that the team tries to be intentional about spending time with their Kurdish friends.  Four of us ended up going to watch Terminator Salvation, talking about South Africa and drinking some more Kurdish tea.  A good evening.

Today I also got evicted 🙂 from Matt and Rachel’s place and moved across to Tim and Helen’s place.

~ by John on July 28, 2009.

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