The Crowded House – Day 9

Guy and I went to play some touch rugby (the dodgy version, not the real one!) in the park with the same group from Thursday night.  Towards the end I finally started to get the hang of this (dodgy) touch rugby, and then I managed to injure my finger with a dummy and pass move that all went a bit wrong.

Chirp of the day must go to Simon, who immediately piped up: “You want to watch that then John, that’s your eye-gouging finger.”

Later that day it was time for the fortnightly gathering of gospel communities for some teaching by one of the elders (Tim on this occasion), prayer, singing, mutual encouragement and of course food.

I have really enjoyed the way the Gospel Communities and the gatherings are busy interacting at the moment.  In the weekly gospel communities they read through and familiarize themselves two stories from the Bible.  And then spend a little bit of time discussing some of the implications of that.  But when they come to the gathering there is some more in-depth teaching on the stories (essentially a biblical theology story at the moment).

Decided to give myself the evening off then to read, reflect and try to connect some of what I have been thinking with Cape Town…


~ by John on July 24, 2009.

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