The Crowded House – Reflections #1: Prayer

Value number 8 of  TCH is Prayer as a Missionary Activity:

“Recognizing that God is the primary agent and orchestrator of mission, we view prayer as a missionary activity. We want prayer to be both a regular community discipline, and an impromptu response to needs and opportunities. We will not assume we are in control of mission, nor rob God of his glory by boasting of our achievements.”

This a community that prays, it is a part of the rhythm of their community life.  But yet it has not once felt forced or “the right thing to do”.  Almost everytime I visit or hang out with someone we end up praying together.  But yet it is more than a value, more than a theological concept – it flows from an identity, that is missional, communal and Christ centred.  I am not sure what “the secret of their success” is but I suspect it is just a simple overflow of a whole life emphasis on church as the people of God, gathered together on mission.  Prayer is the most natural outflow of that identity.

I will venture another thought here I suspect the reason that most of us in more traditionally structured Christian communities rarely get this right, is because we do not get identity right.   I am more and more convinced that we will “get prayer right” as we get identity right.  Is it going too far to say that identity is THE fundamental issue when it comes to the doctrine of the church?

Next reflection: more on Identity


~ by John on July 16, 2009.

One Response to “The Crowded House – Reflections #1: Prayer”

  1. Prayer is also an outflow of relationship with God, as our identity is.

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