The Crowded House – Day 1 &2

I left my house in Cape Town just after 9am on Thursday morning and arrived in Sheffield at about 3pm on Friday – a monster trip by my standards.  Made worse by a 7 hour wait in Johannesburg, and a completely full Virgin Atlantic flight to Heathrow, which made the possibility of being bumped up to the posh seats a pipe dream and left no room to stretch out and have a snooze.  Maybe experienced travellers have masted the art of sleeping in cramped economy seats but I have not – so no sleep for me.

Although I did manage to catch up on some movies I have wanted to see – finally saw Slumdog Millionaire and Gran Torino.

Had time to have a coffee in London before waiting for the coach (contextualization – coaches are inter-city, whilst buses only operate around cities).  Decided to try Starbucks because everyone always seems to go on about how good their coffee is.  And I must admit for a franchise coffee chain the coffee was really good!

Another 3 hours to Sheffield – managed to doze off for a few minutes, before being met at the coach station by Tim Chester.

After a shower, some more coffee (still have not really slept by this point!) and a chat with Tim about the next 2 weeks, some of their gospel community came around for a barbecue.  Now here was some culture shock – we had tons of vegetables done on the coals, people seemed to enjoy these more than the meat (!!!!), and ladies were doing the cooking.  This would never happen in SA…

Had a really enjoyable time meeting everyone and looking forward to picking their brains and hearing them tell me their experiences of The Crowded House, now that my brain has woken up.  When everyone decided to watch the first Harry Potter movie after supper, I realised that my time had come, and was taken down the road to where I would be staying.  Got into bed for the next 12 or so hours…

Tonight I am going to be visited a gospel community that is essentially a seekers group for Kurdish people.  Sounds interesting…


~ by John on July 11, 2009.

7 Responses to “The Crowded House – Day 1 &2”

  1. hope you have a great time over here! how long you over for?

  2. I am over for about 16 days in total – leave on the 25th of July

  3. Its probably worth pointing out that it may only be Tim’s church where there’s lots of veg and the women do the cooking… I know that doesn’t happen in our GC! Bring on the steak is all I can say…

  4. Actually, Michael, when I was with you we had some really good peri peri chicken on a ‘braai’. But as I recall I ended up cooking it on the fire! 🙂 In South africa it is the men who stand around the fire drinking beer and talking rugby and the ladies are doing the salad and potatoes in the kitchen.

  5. I think what you describe in SA is pretty normal here. Its how every BBQ I have ever done or attended has been! Man with beer do BBQ

  6. I seem to have created a real controversy here…
    Please do not throw Tim out of TCH over this.
    In his defense he did give me a really good ale

  7. what? we’ve barely even started! By the time we’ve finished with him…….

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