How Tim Keller Found Manhattan

Christianity today recently published an article: “How Tim Keller Found Manhattan”

Here are some quotes that I enjoyed:

“Keller began talking to anyone who would sit still, asking questions he had learned from the urbanists at Westminster: “What would be a New Yorker’s worst disaster?” and “What kind of church would a New Yorker want to attend?” For months he sat in restaurants, learning New Yorkers’ ways.”

Note: I need to ask these and similar type of questions about Cape Town.

“He discovered that the prospect of starting a church excited him. However, he was a suburban man by lifestyle, and the thought of raising kids in Manhattan was daunting.”

This is one of our concerns…

And terrifying to his wife, Kathy, who focused on their three boys, ages 5, 9, and 11, a.k.a. “the hellions.” She couldn’t imagine her unruly children surviving New York. “My mother said, ‘All your kids will be in gangs by the end of the first week.'”

“The kids thrived on the freedom of going anywhere by themselves via the subway. They were desperately proud of their dad and would tell checkout clerks about his new church. No longer was their rowdiness a problem. Kathy says they could never be the worst kids in their classes, “because the worst kids had jail time.” They found a new group of heroes in the young adults who began attending Redeemer.”

We have to put our faith in the God who is sovereign, that he is ultimately the protector and nurturer and Father to our kids.  I have to follow Him and trust him to work out his good purposes in my family.   Sometimes the strangest circumstances actually work out to our good…

Tim Shermann says this about Keller:

“I saw New York mentor Tim,”

We need more church planters who are prepared to be mentored by their cities in contextualizing their message, their community and their lifestyle.

Read the whole thing here.


~ by John on June 13, 2009.

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