10 Things I love about Cape Town

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am convinced (?as if we could ever be that sure of what God is doing!) that God has called me to love this city, and to be involved in church planting right here.

That is a call to love my city and to seek her welfare.  This is not hard for me a born and bread Capetonian.  I already love my city and her people (one of the strong reasons why I suspect God is calling me to get stuck in right here).

So this is the start of a number of reflections on what I love about my city.  And what breaks my heart about my city.

10 Things I Love about Cape Town:

1. The absolutely incredible beauty – we have the mountains and the sea to dazzle us everyday!


2. Newlands Cricket Ground – you will struggle to find a more beautiful cricket ground anywhere in the world!


3. Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens – breathtaking.  Even better when you hike up Skeleton Gorge or Nursery Ravine and see it all from above.


4. Volleyball at Camps Bay – ok I admit it has been a long time but man those were good days.


5. Gatsby’s – a distinctly Cape Town culinary treat!


6. Cape Flats humour – Chris Rock eat your heart out the average resident of Mitchell’s Plain will put you to shame.

7.  Some of the best live jazz around

8. Sunset picnics at Llandudno – no wind and no parking but great times.


9.  Some of the best red wine in the world – well at least the stuff I can afford.  I highly recommend the Diemersfontein Pinotage.  My all time favourite – when I can afford it!

10.  The Aquarium – I know there are probably more spectacular ones in the world.  But I love our one all the same.  Pity I cannot afford to go there that often…


This is a good start on why I love Cape Town.

What would you add?


~ by John on May 31, 2009.

3 Responses to “10 Things I love about Cape Town”

  1. i agree!
    and what about sunrise on lion’s head to start the day off?
    or summer concerts at kirstenbosch
    an icecold savanna at dunes along with a plate of calamari
    milnerton flea market
    love u cape town!

  2. was planning to do a follow-up to this post sometime with some more things I love about Cape Town – just never really got to it.

    lion’s head is a winner
    summer concerts used to be really good but the last few times I was there they seem to let too many people in so that it feels a bit crowded and has lost that chilled out feel a bit
    as for dunes – will have to take your word never been there but have heard some good things
    if you are looking for some bargains i agree Milnerton flee market is awesome, prefer Rondebosch craft market though

  3. […] 1. Ten Things I love about Cape Town […]

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