What does faith do?

Last week I had a really challenging time with a couple of friends talking about my thoughts, plans etc for the future.

As I reflected on it afterwards – what kind of frustrated me is that there are no simple answers or “3 steps to follow” when it comes to following God.

What I mean is this… sometimes inactivity caused by a lack of faith.

On the flip side activity is often fuelled by a lack of faith.

When I wait and do nothing it is because I do not trust God.  I am afraid to move, to take a risk, to trust in his guidance or provision.  I do not believe in the power of the gospel that appears to be foolish in the world’s eyes.

But yet when I do force activity, it is often a sign of my lack of faith in God.  But of a strong faith in my own abilities, my own plans.  I have faith but faith in me!

Sometimes faith means slowing down and watching, waiting, praying, seeing where God is working.  Where he calls you to join with him in his work.

Sometimes faith requires of us to be a reckless, to step out of our comfort zones, our familiar paths.  Sometimes faith requires us to be radical, to trust God’s before we have all our details sorted out.

Sometimes faith means to sit down.

Sometimes faith means to get up.

But which is when…

~ by John on April 30, 2009.

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