“Happy Blogday to me”

Yes fresh expressions is one year old!

It all began one dark and misty April morning… 8)

with this post:

Why we forgot Prayer

In that time as The Beer and Theology society so kindly 8) reminded me I have posted a lot:

These were the top 5 posts for the year:

Mark Driscoll on Bible Study

Open Discussion: Racism

How can a Loving God send people to hell?

Book Review: Transforming Mission

Tim Keller’s Reading List

This post got the most comments:

4 Reasons to Cancel Sunday Service

Here are a few posts that got almost no traffic but which I wished would have got more…

Comfort or Suffering?

Wrong Way Around

Why Programmes Fail

What is best for your kids

White people drive me crazy

Why People leave the faith

What is the real problem?

A new look for a new year… what do you think?  I feel itchy – perhaps time for a design overhaul… stay tuned

~ by John on April 19, 2009.

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