Missional Mondays 4

These are my notes from my Monday lunchtime study – “Missional Mondays”.


We have seen in the first few weeks that:

God is a Missionary God (the Trinity as a sending community displays this most clearly)

The Bible is a Missional Book.

We also saw in our first week that we are to be the light in a dark world.


I want us to try an exercise we did in week 1 again.

What are the dark places around our campus? city?

What would it look like for us to be light there? OR  What does it mean to take the gospel to those in darkness?

The gospel is never less than a message but it is more than  simply a message it is a message which transforms our lives and brings us into a community of God’s people.  It is a message which defines us as a community – it initiates the community, governs the community and gives purpose (mission) to the community.

We are more than just those who know the good news.  We are the good news.  Our communal life together is a display of the truth of the gospel.  The gospel is a message that changes lives – our lives together are a vivid testimony to that truth.

Read: Genesis 12:1-3;

Blessed to be a blessing.

Jeremiah 29:1-7

The exiles are to seek the welfare of the city where God has sent them.  They were to do this for 70 years and then after that there return to the Promised Land was to be expected.

1 Peter picks up on this theme in the NT:

1:1 – they are exiles far from home

1:4-9 – they too are assured that one day they will reach their promised land

1:17 – but for now they are to live as strangers/aliens/exiles in a foreign land

How then are Christians to spend their time here on earth?  As strangers here whilst they are called to withdraw from sin (2:11) they are not called on to withdraw from society.

2:12 – in fact just they opposite – they are to seek the welfare and the blessing of the city where they find themselves in exile.

3:9 – they are not to repay evil with evil but with blessing – because it is to this that they were called.

3:15-16 – when you set apart Christ as Lord in your heart, it will issue in good behaviour, and visible life of hope.  This is what people will ask about the hope that we have!

Has anyone ever asked you about the hope that you have?

How can you visibly display hope in the city where you are living as foreigner? (or what would look like hope/good news to the people of this city?)

Could also read and discuss:

Ephesians 2:10

Titus 2:7-15; 3:3-8

Also check out this great PDF by Bruce Winter: Seek the Welfare of the City’: Social Ethics according to 1 Peter


~ by John on March 23, 2009.

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