Tim Chester on Relational Apologetics

Tim Chester blogging on the Resurgence site has this to say about Relational Apologetics.

“Why don’t people believe the gospel?

It often looks like people have an intellectual problem with our message. They can’t believe in miracles, they tell us. Or they can’t reconcile God with suffering. It’s a problem of the head.

But Romans 1 points to a bigger, underlying issue. Paul says the truth about God is plain for all to see. The problem is not that people can’t believe. The problem is that people won’t believe. We suppress the truth about God in our wickedness. We don’t want to believe because we don’t want to obey. It’s a problem of the heart.

So by all means, engage with a person’s intellectual questions (what we might call rational apologetics). But recognize the need for relational apologetics. We need to show people that it’s good to live under God’s reign (Deuteronomy 4:5-8). We’re to be a light to the nations. As Blaise Pascal put it, we need to make people want to believe our message before we can persuade them that our message is true.

And pray. Ultimately, only God can open blind eyes.”

The chapter on Relational Apologetics was one of my favourite chapters in Total Church which Steve co-authored with Steve Timmis.

Read my thoughts and review here, here and here.


~ by John on March 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Tim Chester on Relational Apologetics”

  1. your link to resurgence is not working … life is just one big blog

  2. thanks Col, link fixed…

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