10 best things about adoption

1. No crazy midnight cravings that make me go running out to a 24 hour convenience shop in the middle of the night looking for watermelon flavoured chips or something suitably bizarre.

2. No morning sickness.

3. Has taken less than 9 months to get a baby.

4. Life can be pretty normal right up to Thursday.

5. No sore feet or back for Jo – hence back and foot rubs  by me.  Beyond the usual good husband quota that is.

6. I did not have to go to pre-natal class and watch that video about the birth.  All the guys I know were seriously grossed out.

7. Adoption is all about grace

8. That God has adopted us as sons and daughters is a biblical idea that is a whole lot richer and more real to me now.

9. We get to play a positive role in dealing with one of SA’s biggest crisis – orphans.

10. Our family gets to be a living picture of the multi-cultural life that we love.

~ by John on February 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “10 best things about adoption”

  1. Hi John. I found out about your blog through Stephen Murray’s blog, and follow it regularly.

    Thanks for the encouraging post. e currently have a 10 month old biological daughter. Although Donné would gladly go through the morning sickness again we’re excited about plans to adopt this year because of reasons 7-10. We’re planning to see a social worker next week.

    I wish you all the best for your adoption. Please let us know of anything we should know about the process.

    Pierre Queripel
    Church on the Ridge

  2. Hi Pierre,

    First thing to say – if you are thinking about adoption go for it. It has been an amazing process for us.

    2nd – we found that it was better to go with a private agency than through a state agency like Child Welfare for a number of reasons:

    a) the time it takes for an adoption through the state can be substantial – which for us was an issue.

    b) when we investigated how the agency that we went through cared for and did the birth-mother, the baby, the adoptive parents we were sold. There approach is holistic, God-honouring (they are at the very least a Christian based organisation) and absolutely needed in SA.

    In a country where we have a significant orphan crisis – we need more organisations who can do what these guys do, and for which the government simply does not have the manpower, finances or time to do. We had to pay quite a bit but I believe in what they do and how they do it, it was money well spent. I want to support what these guys do.

    Look up “Procare” (I think they are a national organisation) if you are interested. Or e-mail me (jpscheepers@gmail.com) and I can pass on the info it you like.

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