Coffee Break

This is my irregular posting of my “surfing” around the net. So grab a coffee, take a break and see what interests you.

The Return of Indulgences (NY Times).  Justin Taylor has a good post explaining indulgences.

TSK has a great post on debt, the recession and the dependance of churches, ministries and seminaries on managing long-term debt. And how this often affects many who wish to be involved with emerging or organic forms of churches.

I like the sound of Doubt-Night

JR Briggs recommends some books if you want to get a good feel for Missional Church (glad to see David Bosch in the list).

Interesting post by Jonathan Dodson on Communities of Grace vs Communities of Convenience

And another one by Dodson on Listening to the Lost

Tim Chester says Church Planting puts mission at the heart of church

And Tim gives us some great, practical and insightful questions for evaluating Leadership Expectations.

Mike Kendall has some helpful advice if you are planning to “roast a vicar” anytime soon (or any other form of apologetics really)

Ed Stetzer wants to know if we can learn from atheists? (This is a good post- read it!)

~ by John on February 11, 2009.

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