Rhythms of life

I have long been a fan of the way Soma Communities describe their communal life as “rhythms”.

Soma speak of the rhythms of:

Story Formed






And now Tim Chester and the Edge network have weighed in with their own rhythms:

B. We bless
Each week we aspire to bless others in our Christian community and local neighbourhood in word, action or gift at least three times.

L. We listen
Each week we aspire to listen to God, looking for him to guide us through his word and Spirit. And we listen to people around us to understand their stories and the story of our culture.

E. We eat
Each week we aspire to eat or have a drink with people outside our immediate family at least three times, offering friendship and community.

S. We speak
Each week we aspire to tell people the story of Jesus and our story of Jesus, making Jesus a normal part of our conversations. And we speak to God through prayer, recognising our dependence on him in all things.

S. We sabbath
Each week we aspire to spend time in rest, praise, play, partying and creativity.

What rhythms does your community have that defines you life together?

~ by John on January 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Rhythms of life”

  1. As a partner Crowded House church I am experimenting with the Edge Rhythms … I originally enjoyed the ancient Celtic life of Rhythms according to the tides and other things in nature. Lots of the time they would set up ‘missional’ communities on islands just off the mainland. As the tides cam in they would withdraw and spend time with God and their community on the island. Then as the tides went out, they would engage with people in the Name of Christ and serve them and teach the Word. It was a rhythm they likened to breathing. Breathing in so that you had something to breath out.
    The Soma and TCH rhythms are similar in that they help you to live intentionally as a community and not neglect important things in life, like playing, relating, listening …
    Weird how we have to work hard at being normal! Here’s to being human!

    Hey John this reminds me … our Irish (Celtic) B & Th society is due for a Re:Union

  2. I guess it makes sense that we have to work hard at being normal in an abnormal world in rebellion against not only the Creator but the rhythms he built into creation as we attempt to forge our identity and our world apart from him.

    And yes… I think the B.Th (Beer and Theology) society is long overdue for a Re:Union. Particularly of the Celtic variety (Guinness). Suggest some dates. I would like to suggest a more central venue so hopefully it is more accessible to others. Stephen, any venue suggestions from you?

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