Key Themes in Galatians

As I see it there are three key questions that have given rise to the problems in Galatia and that Paul tries to address:

1. Is Paul legit?  or A questioning of Paul’s apostleship.

(riding on the back of Q1)

2. Is Paul’s message legit?

(assuming an affirmative answer for Q1 and Q2)

3. How then are Christian to relate to the law?

Or put another way:

His opponents:

Cannot accept his message (it is offensive) of saved through faith alone in Christ alone…

..add the law/circumcision to it.

Therefore Paul’s message must be rejected as false, because he is anti-law.

As a result he cannot be a true apostle.

As always it is not the authority of Paul that is first rejected by the offence message of the cross that is first rejected.  In this case because there is no place for law and Paul’s opponents are fear an anti-law moral laxness will result.


~ by John on January 14, 2009.

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