Youth Ministry Resources

In my last post in the Total Church series the issues of teenagers and church was discussed. So that got me thinking I was a youth worker for about 10 years and I read a lot of books on the subject.

Some of the issue that Timmis and Chester raise in Total Church are addressed and championed by these books.  But I still do wonder if our structures in youth ministry and church don’t actually work against but we are hoping to acheive?

For any of you out there that are involved in youth ministry here are some great resources that I recommend you read.

No Guts no Glory – Ken Moser, Al Stewart + Ed Vaughan

Changing the World through Effective Youth Ministry – Ken Moser

Changing the World 2 – Creative Christian Ideas

And the 3 in that series – which I have not read but will recommend it simply on the strength of the other two.

Youth Evangelism: Reaching Young People in a Way that Honours God

The Ministry of Nurture – Duffy Robbins

The Secrets of the Simple Youth Ministry – Carl A. Blunt

Christian Youth Work – Mark Ashton and Phil Moon

Although not involved in youth ministry that much anymore, what I would be interested to know is if any of the readers of this blog have any youth ministry resources that explore things from a more missional angle?


~ by John on January 2, 2009.

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