10 Things to do this Christmas

1. Give something you value away –  break the hold of commercialism.

2. Everyone loves Christmas carols – invite the neighbours over to your place for a braai (BBQ) and sing some Christmas carols.  You could even dress up as Father Christmas for the kids…

3. Instead of buying dozens of presents for all your family why not donate the money to a gospel mission instead (perhaps only do this for the Christians in your family?)

4. Read the Christmas story together as a family or community and spend time meditating (chewing it over).  Particularly think about how it impacts you as a family or community together.

5. Do something good for your community – pick up the litter on the beach, give out chocolates at the traffic lights – just because you can.  Get creative!

6. Make an effort to think of those who have to work over the Christmas season, and who are often taken for granted like the police, nurses etc.  Why not take them a hamper or a card or even some Christmas dinner?

7. At Christmas we celebrate the incarnation.  Spend some time thinking about what would it look like to incarnate the gospel in your neighbourhood this year.  Why don’t you get a few others together to discuss and pray about it?

8.  Remember the weak, the lonely and vulnerable at this time of year where the world worships family and community.  Visit the aged, the housebound, the sick.  Remember the children at risk, perhaps find out about “fostering” a child for the holidays.

9. Instead of giving in to the quick fix of commercialism, why not make someone a present this year.   Or pay for you to together do an activity that they really enjoy.

10. As always do not give up the things that help you keep perspective – do not neglect your Christian community, time in the Word and prayer. In the busyness – keep the main thing the main thing!


~ by John on December 20, 2008.

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