Moral people must learn how to hate

That is the title of an article by controversial and outspoken Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in response to the Mumbai attacks. (HT: JT)

“But this is a travesty of Jesus’ teachings and would make this great Hebrew personality into someone who had contempt for his victims as he extended love to their murderers. Jesus advocated turning the other check to petty slights and affronts to our honor, not to mass graves and torture chambers. Likewise, while Jesus taught that we ought to love our own enemies, this did not apply to God’s enemies. Our enemies are people who are our rivals for a promotion at work. God’s enemies are those who slaughter his children.”

“Let not any Christian think that Jesus’ sympathy was for anyone other than the oppressed and the poor. True, the Bible commands us to “love our neighbor” as ourselves, but the man who kills children is not our neighbor. Having cast off the image of God, he has lost his divine spark and is condemned to eternal oblivion from which not even a belief in salvation will rescue him. He or she who murders God’s children has been lost to God forever and has abandoned all entitlement to love, earning eternal derision in its stead.”

Read the whole thing here

Greg Gilbert has a great response:

“Rabbi Boteach is an Orthodox Jew. He reads the Old Testament, so he ought to know better than that.  He ought to know that it doesn’t take BIG sins to fall under God’s judgment. Uzzah was just as dead as Jezebel after God judged them.”

“So to go on and on as Boteach does about how shocking it would be for God to forgive a terrorist—much less to charge him with being a monster for doing so—is to prove nothing but one’s own sense of self-righteousness and misunderstanding of the Old Testament.”

“Because really, it’s shocking that God would forgive any of us! And it would even be unjust for him to do so if it weren’t for Jesus’ death on the cross in the place of the forgiven.”

Read the whole response here

~ by John on December 10, 2008.

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