Rethinking smoking

Neil Cole says:

“If you want to reach this world for Christ you are going to have to learn to sit in the smoking section.”

Read the whole post: A True Seeker Service

Last month:

JR Briggs handed out ashtrays at a training session for House Church Shepherds

“When we look at Jesus in the Gospels we see the God-man who was accused in a derogatory manner of being pals with sinful people (though I am sure he took that as a compliment). We see that he’s accused of being a drunk and eating way too much food. We read that he was accused of being around the wrong crowd. This begs the question: If we are passionate and obedient followers of Jesus living in his ways, might we be accused of similar things?”

“There’s one thing I’m convinced of as I read the life patterns of Jesus in the gospels: if Jesus were here today, in 2008, he would be hanging around in places with people who would need an ashtray.”

Honestly I hate smoking!

It smells.

It is bad for you.

But the reality is – most of the people in a smoking section in any given restaurant are going to be non-Christians.

Where would Jesus be?

Ok -so we don’t actually know the answer to that…

but it is not a bad question…



~ by John on December 5, 2008.

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