Why do people come to church?

Out of Ur asks Dan Kimball about liturgy, old buildings and ancient traditions. Are these helping in drawing people to church:

“People may be looking at photos and saying they prefer one church design over another, but my question is does it really make any difference? Will a cathedral design actually draw them into the building?”

“So I don’t think it’s about the buildings; it’s the people non-Christians connect with that makes the difference.”

I think Dan is spot on – we are constantly on the lookout for new methods or programmes that will draw people into the church.  There must be some “secret” that if we could just discover it – will so connect with our generation that people will be draw to our buildings or programmes.

But what is it that connects people with church – people – it is that ancient “secret” – the one Jesus told us about – community.  God’s plan to grow his Kingdom has always been, and always will be – through his people, carrying his message and living transformed lives in community.

So perhaps we should stop looking to our programmes and our buildings to do what God has determined to do only through us.


~ by John on November 27, 2008.

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