The Abbreviated Jesus

Internet Monk has a great post:  Do you trust the abbreviated Jesus?

Read it – it might just scare you:

Here are a few of my favourite quotes:

“the abbreviated Jesus would only get crucified if there were some terrible mix-up.”

“The abbreviated Jesus is Jesus without the Biblical context, Jesus without church history, Jesus without Jesus theology, Jesus without costly discipleship, Jesus without offensive teaching or mysterious parables. The abbreviated Jesus is so easily explained, so comprehensible and user-friendly that anyone can follow him, even without instructions.”

“In millions of cases, the abbreviated Jesus is Jesus without the church. He’s Jesus who lets you pick your friends, pick your community and pick your comfortable seat. He’s OK with whatever your plans are for the weekend. He’s not making demands on your time. (He’s a major spokesperson for unplugging the fourth commandment.) He’s not making any demands on your money that don’t follow your emotions. (He wants you to feel personally fulfilled about whatever you choose to support.)”

“I don’t trust the abbreviated Jesus.

Sometimes, he’s been in my house, my head, my heart and my preaching. And I don’t like him.

He’s flat. Empty. Easy. Moldable.

He’s not full of the Holy Spirit. He’s full of us.”

Read the whole thing.


~ by John on November 20, 2008.

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