Why I don’t like TV!

Forgive me Father for I have sinned…

Time for a confession – I really do not like TV.  I have not had a TV at home for a while now – so all I tend to watch is a bit of sport, some DVD box sets (ok – I am addicted to LOST!) and I don’t miss it much at all.

But this past weekend we took a small group of students away for a long weekend to a holiday home that someone kindly let us use.  It has 2 TV’s – it was then that I realized that I now inhabit a parallel universe…

1) When the TV is on people do not talk to each other

2) The worldview that TV supports is mostly shallow, materialistic, self-centred and existentialist.

3) TV is what we do when we feel relationally lazy.  I watched as most of the students turned on the TV not because they wanted to watch something but because they wanted to see what was on.  Surely it would be more godly/wise to cultivate relationships, read the Bible etc.

4) TV numbs our brain – whatever the actual science is – just watch a group of students.  They are not thinking…

5) It fills our lives and consumes our time with the inane, the silly and the superficial.

6) The time we could spend building community, getting to know our neighbours, praying with our friends etc – we use watching TV.

7) The marketing skews our wants into needs and makes us discontent and dissatisfied.

8 ) If the news informs our understanding of what is happening in the world, more than God’s Word, we will not be missional and learn to trust and obey God no matter what is happening with the economy.

9) The instant nature of TV increases our “need” for all things instant and decreases our tolerance with all things that require patience, discipline and endurance like prayer, Bible study, finishing the race, discipleship, hope in the coming Kingdom, building relationships, rooting out sin and bad attitudes.

10) There is never anything good on!


~ by John on November 19, 2008.

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