Church Planting in a stuggling economy

The struggling economy has interesting side effects for church planting and church planters, last week I posted this thought from TSK and now Drew Goodmanson has also posted some observations about church planting and the economy.

Church Planting in a struggling economy

It seem to me that organic and simple church is a must for church planting movements, if only from a cost effective viewpoint.  If church is simple and easily reproducible – no expensive programmes to run, no buildings to pay off or maintain, no large staff contingent to salary – then it should not be as adversely affected by economic downturn as a large, programme intensive, heavily structured church system.

Yet another reason why a network of household churches are making sense to me…


~ by John on November 13, 2008.

One Response to “Church Planting in a stuggling economy”

  1. Hehehee… this is a funny post… but I do agree with this.. This is just one of the areas what Organic Church has to offer to us. I myself is involve in this movement.

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