Christians are boring?!

Dave Bish posted this great quote:

Now when we look from these three facts (that the bible belongs to literature, that the Bible is an imaginative book, that God is the greatest artists of all) to contemporary evangelical Christianity, we find a great oddity.

The people who spend the most time with the Bible are in large numbers the foes of art and the sworn foes of imagination…

How can it be that with a God who created birds and the blue of the sky who before the foundation of the world wrought out a salvation more romantic than Cinderella, with a Christ who encompasses the highest heaven and deepest hell, with the very hairs of our head numbered, with God closer than hands and feet, Christians often turn out to have an unenviable corner on the unimaginative and the commonplace?

Evangelical Christians have had one of the purest of motives and one of the worst outcomes. The motive is never to mislead by the smallest fraction of an iota in the precise nature of salvation, to live it and state it in its utter purity. But the unhappy outcome has too often been to elevate the cliché.

The motive is that the gospel shall not be misunderstood, not sullied, not changed in jot or title. The outcome has often been merely reactionary, static, and hackneyed….There is a simplicity which diminishes and a simplify that enlarges, and evangelicals have often chosen the wrong one.”

Clyde S. Kilby The Christian Imagination p105 -Edited by Leland Ryken


~ by John on November 8, 2008.

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