5 thoughts on Obama

1. It is great to have a black man in the White House (do not miss the irony in that sentence).  The civil rights movement has finally come full circle.  This honours God.

2. Obama is just a man.  He cannot possibly fulfill all the hopes that have been placed on him, even thousands of miles away here in SA.  There will be no utopia under Obama.

3. Obama’s stance on abortion makes me weep.  The ramifications that this may have for future abortion legislation in the States is tragic. In all the excitement around Obama – do not forget this human tragedy.  It is ironic that the first black president is pro-legislation that if statistics are anything to go by will cause the death of more black babies than under any previous white president.  To this I say NO WE CAN’T!

4. I am confident that Obama’s presidency will be better for the poor and minorities in America than previous presidencies.  I am hopeful that his economic policies will do more for the poor and needy than for the rich and expanding.

5. My hope as a Christian is not in Obama or any man or political party.  My hope is in the Jesus and his Kingdom.  My hope is in “that day”.  “That day” when Jesus returns, when his Kingdom arrives, his established and reigns in all its glory, justice, mercy and majesty.

The enormous outpouring of hope surrounding this election, particularly from Christians, is concerning.  No matter how much good Obama may or may not do – he is not the Saviour of the world or of any ethnic minority.  Our only hope is in the man who hung on the cross to save us from our own sinful nature.

Christians must remember Jesus is bigger and of greater value than even the civil rights movements or the liberation struggle in South Africa.  In him and him alone is our only true hope found!


~ by John on November 8, 2008.

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