Resources for Ecclesiastes

Here are a few resources I found particularly helpful as I read, studied and taught Ecclesiastes this year:

Tremper Longman III’s commentary in the NICOT series

Derick Kidner’s commentary in the BST series

Eugene Peterson’s book “Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Ministry”.

Barry Webb’s “Five Festal Garments” in the NSBT series.

Webb and Peterson were particularly interesting in their analysis.  Whilst exegetically I found myself sometimes agreeing with Webb over Petersen.  I could not fault Peterson for his ability to get me to think pastorally and personally about the passages.  I also found his well thought out “alternative exegesis” (certainly to much of my training) a great spur to challenge my assumptions and re-look at the passage.

Micheal V. Fox’s “A Time to Tear Down and a time to Build Up” has some great articles.

On-line I enjoyed listening to Al Stewart and Mark Driscoll’s sermons.  Again very different styles and ways of tackling the passage but I found they complimented one another quite helpfully for teaching.


~ by John on September 28, 2008.

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