Coffee Break

This is my irregular posting of my “surfing” around the net. So grab a coffee, take a break and see what interests you.

Scot McKnight has one of the best posting on the whole should we shouldn’t we abandon the term “Emerging Church”.

In fact it was his 2007 article on “The 5 Streams of the Emerging Church” that really helped me to gain a big picture view of this movement.  If you have never read it – read it – because the movement(s) is/are still very alive no matter what names it chooses to call itself/ves.

On this same topic Tall Skinny Kiwi documents the demise of the label emerging church

Internet Monk has a great post “The Missing Voice of the Christian Counter-Culture.” His challenge to Christian artists and musicians is spot on.  His thoughts on justice, mercy, consumerism and the small life we are calling our young people to think is the way of Jesus is brilliant.  Read it!

The Desiring God blog has an interview with Total Church authors Steve Timmis and Tim Chester.

Kgalema Motlanthe’s pledge to South Africa.  Sounds pretty good to me, even if it sounds a bit too good.

Tim Chester begins a series “How can we Start a Church Planting Movement” – this is going to be good… and challenging

Dave Fitch (HT: Scot McKnight) asks a good question “The Numbers are Going up but something Doesn’t Feel Right”.  And has some good thoughts…


~ by John on September 28, 2008.

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