Coffee Break

This is my irregular posting of my “surfing” around the net. So grab a coffee, take a break and see what interests you.

Dave Bish on The Aroma of Christ

Scot McKnight has begun a series called Gospel – where Scot examines the roots of the word that has defined many of us as Christians.  Not sure where Scot will take this series but one worth keeping an eye on.

Internet Monk has a provocative post on Woman, Ministry and the church. Whilst I may not agree with everything he says – his questioning of our traditions and presuppositions is much needed in this debate.

Introducing Mkhuluwa our new president.

CJ Mahaney interviews Mark Dever “On preparation and delivery of sermons”.  Check the bit out where it says that Dever spends 30-35 hours in sermon preparation per week.  That is insane!  Assuming he takes a day off and that on Sunday he does no prep that works out at about 6-7 hours a day!  Where does he find time to be with people?

The latest issue of Themelios is available at the Gospel Coalition website.

Joshua Harris has posted the 6th installment of his preaching notes series – and it is none other than Mark Driscoll. These are the complete opposite of Tim Keller’s notes. In fact you could barely call what Driscoll uses notes.

What is the gospel according to Brian McLaren? Micheal Krahn has some disturbing quotes.

Matt Chandler asks “What Inspires you?” or put another way – what stirs your affections for Christ and what robs you of your zeal for Christ.  This is a challenging exercise.


~ by John on September 23, 2008.

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