Individual rights are god!

A while ago I ran this post “Sinner’s can’t serve church”, about Joubert Styrdom, a homosexual music teacher, who was suing Moreletta Park NG Church for damages after his unfair dismissal.  Read about the verdict here.

Perhaps the most worrying part of the verdict is the statement by Strydom’s lawyer, James Spies, who claims that “the case has created a legal precedent in which religious freedom will not infringe on an individual’s rights.”

This has some serious implications for future potential lawsuits against those who adhere to a biblical authority.

How does this impact us as we live in an Africa, where traditional culture does not enshrine the cult of the individual over the values and benefit of the community (ubuntu – “a person is a person through other people)?

Any thoughts?


~ by John on August 28, 2008.

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