Ecclesiastes 9:1-12

9v1 No man knows – this is the futility/limits of wisdom! It is this question and the reality of death that Qoholeth is forcing the wisdom tradition of his day to wrestle with.

v2-3a common destiny – righteous and wicked, the good and the bad etc – what is the difference!

v3b men’s hearts are full of madness and evil – then you die, there is no hope

v4-6 it is BETTER to be alive than dead, because at least when you are alive you have hope – when you are dead, there is no hope

v5 living life knowing that you will die but this is still better than the dead who know nothing.

v6 all the things they thought were important – have vanished with them!

v7-10 therefore live now!

“toilsome labour” – important theme in Ecclesiastes

Live life because you will die

v11-12 time and chance (unexpected not random) – happening to them all (sovereignty of God) – not the fast, strong, swift, wise etc that will succeed. Evil times happen to us all unexpectantly!

NT Break-in: Mark 16:1-8 – death is not then end. The empty tomb stands as a bold visual statement that death has been defeated.

Mark 10:32-34 – planned not random or meaningless.


~ by John on August 18, 2008.

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